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What is a faq file and how do I open a faq file?

The FAQ file extension is appended to files that refer to Frequently Asked Questions Documents. FAQ files are text files that you normally would see in a lot of ways especially on documents that require users to ask over the Web. This file frequently appears on applications and software programs that developers have already anticipated as questions that will be raised by would be users interested in using them. Sometimes, these FAQ files are also seen in blogs where a certain topic is raised and others react on what is the appropriate answer for it. FAQ files may represent also questions that may pertain to system requirements of certain computer games that will be installed by a gamer. It entails also installation scenarios that a user may or may not encounter but will later on ask in a forum if ever a problem arises from its installation of the program to using it in its entirety.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Detail faq file extension information:
File Type: faq
File Format: Frequently Asked Questions Document
Primary Association: Text Files