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format file dwd

What is a dwd file and how do I open a dwd file?

A DiamondWare digital audio file is stored in the DWD format and used as audio files by the DiamondWare application, which is a program designed for integrating telephone functionalities into computer systems and networks. This means the DiamondWare program can be used to forward phone calls transmitted through telephone lines to a designated standalone computer or to multiple network computers with this program installed in the system. The required configurations and settings for this setup can be made through the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the Diamondware software, and headsets should be connected to computers when doing this. The Diamondware application converts the audio data transmitted from telephone lines to the DWD (Diamondware digital audio) format, so the software can output the data in an audio format that can be processed by the system and played through the speakers of the headset. Sound collected by the microphone of the headset is then recorded in a DWD file, which is then converted into an analog format that can be transmitted through telephone lines and processed by the phone. The DYA application can be used to open and view the content of files appended with the .dwd extension.

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Detail dwd file extension information:
File Type: dwd
File Format: DiamondWare Digital Audio File
Primary Association: Audio Files