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format file dmf

What is a dmf file and how do I open a dmf file?

The DMF file extension is a data format known as Delusion Digital Music File. DMF files are audio files in an 8 or 16-bit mono based on the X-Tracker format that can be played by various tracker programs. They are used to store instruments, sound samples, collection, name, loop, and mono among others. They are composed of several data chunks such as DDMF (the format identifier), INFO (file information), CMSG (song message), SEQU (sequencer order), PATT (pattern data), INST (instrument data), SMPI (sample information), SMPD (sample data), SMPJ (sample jump positions), and ENDE (end of file marker). DMF files and Delusion software were developed by XTracker. The software had integrated sampling software for internal sample editing and many realtime sample effects. Files in DMF format can be opened with Xtracker32, DeliPlayer, StormSky RainbowPlayer, OpenMPT, MODPlug Player,and FMJ-Software Awave Studio in Microsoft Windows based system. Another format used by Delusion is DSF for Delusion/XTracker sample format.

Recommended dmf file download:
FMJ-Software Awave Studio
Detail dmf file extension information:
File Type: dmf
File Format: Delusion Digital Music File
Primary Association: Audio Files