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format file bidule

What is a bidule file and how do I open a bidule file?

The BIDULE file extension is a data format associated to Bidule, a modular computer music generation program. BIDULE files and Bidule were developed by Plogue Arts and Technology. The word "bidule" is French for "thingy" or "gadget. These files contain the visual layout of connected physical and virtual sound components and their connections such as digital MIDI devices, mixers, filters, effects, and other sound components. They allow users to save digital layouts of a physical audio system, and also play and record the audio on a computer. The BIDULE file is also known as Bidule Layout File. Layout consists of a set of bidules and connections. A basic layout would require a File Player, a Processing Group and a File Recorder. Files in BIDULE format can be opened with Plogue Bidule program in Mac Operating systems and Microsoft Windows based platforms. For source files, Bidule software only supports WAV files.

Mac OS
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Plogue Bidule
Plogue Bidule
Detail bidule file extension information:
File Type: bidule
File Format: Bidule Layout File
Primary Association: Audio Files