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format file ariax

What is an ariax file and how do I open an ariax file?

The ARIAX file extension is a data format associated to Chipsounds. ARIAX files and Chipsounds were developed by Plogue. These files like ARIA contain the state of an entire engine instance however ARIAX are readable XML files. They are made of vast catalogue of cartridges and modified consoles of sounds aside from classic computers were compiled. They are used to allow hand editing or modifying of data for power users by the use of a text editor or an XML editor. The XML format is a universal method of exchange between different programs. They can be loaded and saved through the “snapshots” or ensemble menu. These files are easier to be manually hacked. There are three ways to use Plogue chipsounds: as a plug-in within a sequencer, with a supported tracker program, or ‘live’ as a standalone application. Files in ARIAX format can be opened with Plogue chipsounds in Microsoft Windows based Systems.

Mac OS
Recommended ariax file download:
Plogue chipsounds
Plogue chipsounds
Detail ariax file extension information:
File Type: ariax
File Format: Chipsounds XML Sound File
Primary Association: Audio Files