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format file flow

What is a flow file and how do I open a flow file?

The .flow extension is used by files created by Expression SketchFlow. These are usually project files because most of the time, the software is used by website creators to create website projects requested by their clients. The Expression Sketchflow program is a popular tool to design web applications as well as other solutions that the clients may need for their website to be effective. In other words, this software is used to ensure that the project delivered to the clients is flawless and functional. For instance, with the use of the software, website designers can test applications they applied for the project and check how functional it is before they deliver it to the clients. When creating the project through this software, the project is saved into the .flow format. Editing the project is also possible because the .flow files created with the Expression Sketchflow software can be converted to .doc files, meaning users can really ensure the quality and the performance of the project and the applications incorporated, before it is deemed completed.

Recommended flow file download:
Microsoft Expression SketchFlow
Detail flow file extension information:
File Type: flow
File Format: Expression SketchFlow Data File
Primary Association: Data Files