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format file cub

What is a cub file and how do I open a cub file?

Analysis Services is a built-in component of the Microsoft SQL Server software, and this applet uses files stored in the CUB format. Microsoft developed the CUB format as data files created and referenced by Analysis Services. These CUB files are appended with the .cub extension and are also called Analysis Services cube files. "Cubes" are pieces of data stored by Analysis Services into a CUB file, and these "cubes" are exported lines of data from sources used to store structured data. Data schema details associated to the content of a CUB file are also stored in the corresponding CUB file. OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) can be performed using the data in these CUB files. The PivotTable Service program is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server software, and it can be used to access the content of a CUB file. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application can also be used to open these CUB files for offline analysis, which means users of Microsoft Windows-based systems with Excel 2010 can open and save these CUB files as offline cubes.

Recommended cub file download:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft Excel 2013
Detail cub file extension information:
File Type: cub
File Format: Analysis Services Cube File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: chemical/x-gaussian-cube