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format file efs

What is an efs file and how do I open an efs file?

An Ensoniq SQ-80 file is used by a specific digital synthesizer released in the market by Ensoniq in 1987, particularly the Ensoniq SQ-80 electronic MIDI keyboard. These Ensoniq SQ-80 files are used as audio data required by this electronic device to perform its integrated features. This means when a user accesses a certain set of functionalities integrated into the Ensoniq SQ-80 digital synthesizer, then the system of the device locates all associated EFQ files, among other digital files, and references the data stored in those files. The Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizer is then able to process the feature requests from the user, and it performs the operations needed to give the user the functionality corresponding to the keys and other buttons pressed by the user. E-Mu acquired Ensoniq and now produces newer digital synthesizers that use more recent digital audio files. These newer digital snythesizers can be synched or connected to computers running on popular systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac platforms and Linux distributions.

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Detail efs file extension information:
File Type: efs
File Format: Ensoniq SQ-80 File
Primary Association: Audio Files