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format file aa3

What is an aa3 file and how do I open an aa3 file?

The AA3 file extension is a data file format associated to Sony's ATRAC or audio compression technology. The AA3 file extension and ATRAC were developed by Sony in 1992. ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding. These files contain the audio clips of ATRAC3 and are used for Sony-branded devices, such as the Sony Walkman. They are smaller in size compared to other digital audio files which means they require lesser space in a digital player. Other formats of ATRAC3 files include OMA and OMG formats. These files can also be converted to OMG or WAV format but they do not copy protection rights. Files in AA3 format can be opened with Sony SonicStage, Sony Sound Forge Pro 10, Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Sony ACID in Microsoft Windows-based systems. In 2007, Sony decided to discontinue the ATRAC file format because it failed to conquer North American and European markets.

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Sony SonicStage
Sony Sound Forge Pro 10
Sony Vegas Pro 12
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Detail aa3 file extension information:
File Type: aa3
File Format: ATRAC Audio File
Primary Association: Audio Files