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format file cn1

What is a cn1 file and how do I open a cn1 file?

CNR modem initialization data files are affixed with the .cn1 extension, and these CN1 files are stored in file compression and encoding specifications developed by MITRE. MITRE created the CN1 format for the CNR Init Data Parser software, particularly to be used as data files by this application, which was also developed by MITRE. This CNR (Combat Net Radio) data parser application stores initialization data fields integrated with formatting atributes in these CN1 files, and the data in these CN1 files are used for MIL-STD-188-220 CNR modems connected to Microsoft Windows-based systems. Exactly four hexadecimal characters comprise each line of code stored in these CN1 files, and these CN1 files may contain many lines of code. Files appended with the .cn1 extension are mainly used for the development of automated systems implemented into networking initialization processes of tactical military programs. Elements and attributes like bearer waveform and program header among other tactical networking modem details are found in a CN1 file.

Recommended cn1 file download:
MITRE CNR Init Data Parser
Detail cn1 file extension information:
File Type: cn1
File Format: CNR Modem Initialization Data File
Primary Association: Data Files