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format file ccr

What is a ccr file and how do I open a ccr file?

Medical record keeping, tracking and updating can be quicker, easier and more convenient with the development of applications similar to the HealthFrame Viewer software from Records For Living. Files appended with the CCR extension are created and used by the HealthFrame Viewer software, and these CCR files are generally classified as data files but specifically called ASTM continuity of care records. The "ASTM" in ASTM continuity of care records stands for American Society for Testing and Materials, the organization that developed the CCR format to be implemented with digital medical record storage standards and specifications for quickly and easily exporting and importing digital medical records to and from different databases. Microsoft Windows users who wish to access the content stored in these CCR files can install the HealthFrame Viewer application. This software can also be used to create and modify the data stored in a CCR file among other functionalities integrated into the HealthFrame Viewer program by Records For Living.

Recommended ccr file download:
Records For Living HealthFrame Viewer
Detail ccr file extension information:
File Type: ccr
File Format: ASTM Continuity of Care Record
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-ccr