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format file abdata

What is an abdata file and how do I open an abdata file?

Files appended with the ABDATA extension are created and used by older versions of the Adobe Bridge software, particularly version 1.0.2 or earlier. These ABDATA files are classified as data files, and the Adobe Bridge software uses the data stored in files with the .abdata extension as reference data. These ABDATA data files contain keywords and preferences associated to specific output files created using this Adobe Bridge software, which is a program developed by Adobe Systems for efficient file management applications. This means when a user opens and accesses the content of an output file developed using the Adobe Bridge software, this application locates the associated ABDATA file and retrieves the necessary data from the content of the .abdata file. It then performs the processes required by the integrated functions requested by the user. The Adobe Bridge CS6 software can be installed in a Microsoft Windows-based system, so users can integrate support into their systems for these ABDATA files.

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Adobe Bridge CS6
Adobe Bridge CS6
Detail abdata file extension information:
File Type: abdata
File Format: Adobe Bridge Data File
Primary Association: Data Files