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format file ffo

What is a ffo file and how do I open a ffo file?

The data that users find when they use Microsoft FindFast are in the .ffo format. This is why .ffo files are known as system files because they are incorporated within the system. Whether users search for documents and title, FindFast is an important tool to successfully find what they are looking for. And the information they usually find are called .ffo files. The .ffo files extension is also used in Adobe Photoshop. This may not deal with images that are created and stored using the software but this refers to the file information stored like captions, title, author, keywords, and other information about the file. Photoshop is known as a program that allows editing of images and enhancing pictures. When a user saves the file in Photoshop, he or she can later on find information about the file by choosing the File Info option. The details in the File Info option are .ffo files.

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Detail ffo file extension information:
File Type: ffo
File Format: Find Fast Document Properties Cache
Primary Association: System Files