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format file clb

What is a clb file and how do I open a clb file?

COM+ catalog files are affixed with the .clb extension and are generally classified as system files used by the Microsoft Windows OS. The Microsoft COM+ service is an applet built into Microsoft Windows systems, and this applet was developed by Microsoft to facilitate data transmissions and communications between certain components. The data stored in these CLB files include class attributes, COM+ application code and other computer-level details. The CLB file format and the Microsoft COM+ service were developed to implement consistent data transmissions and communication efficiency between other Microsoft Windows services. The COM+ registration database is a folder labeled "Registration", and this folder is inside the "Windows" directory. This folder is where CLB files are stored by the Microsoft Windows system. CLB files should not be opened or tampered with to prevent certain Microsoft Windows system issues associated with the functionalities integrated into the Microsoft COM+ service.

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Microsoft COM+
Detail clb file extension information:
File Type: clb
File Format: COM+ Catalog File
Primary Association: System Files