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File extensions start with character 'U'

File Type Category File Format
.u3i Text Files U3 Application Information File
.ubj Data Files Universal Binary JSON File
.uccapilog Microsoft Files Microsoft UCC API Log File
.ud Data Files OmniPage User Dictionary
.udc Data Files Adobe InDesign User Dictionary
.udeb Data Files Debian Package File
.uds Data Files Sierra Generations File
.uea Data Files Protector Suite QL Encrypted Archive
.uha Archive Files UHarc Compressed Archive
.uhtml HTML Files UC Browser Saved Webpage
.uibak Backup Files UltraISO Backup Disk Image
.uif Disk Image Files Universal Image Format Disc Image
.ulf Data Files Universal List File
.ulz Data Files USBlyzer Data Capture File
.umf Data Files MediaHolder Universal Media Format File
.unauth Text Files SiteMinder Unauthorized Message File
.unity3d Game Files Unity Web Player File
.unitypackage Package Files Unity Package File
.unl Multiple Use Files Garmin Unlock File
.unx Text Files Unix Text File
.uoml Text Files Unstructed Operation Markup Language File
.upd Text Files Program Update Information
.update Data Files ISAPI Update File
.upg Multiple Use Files Upgrade File
.upk Game Files Unreal Engine 3 Package
.upr Data Files Fractal Parameters File
.url Web Files Internet Shortcut
.usm Digital Video Files USM Game Video File
.ustar Data Files Uniform Standard Tape Archive Format File
.utf8 Text Files Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
.utxt Text Files Unicode Text File
.uvf Data Files Uncertain Value Format
.uwl Data Files User Word List File
.uzip Disk Image Files FreeBSD Compressed Disk Image