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format file txz

What is a txz file and how do I open a txz file?

TXZ is a TAR archive file created with Tar and XZ utilities and distributed as a part of Slackware Linux packages. It contains one or more files first archived using TAR and then compressed using XZ compression. Prior to version 13.0 of Slackware, the compression method was GZIP with filenames ending in .TGZ. Beginning with version 13.0, the compression method for packages was changed from GZIP to LZMA. The change in compression method also changed the filename extension to .TXZ in order to eliminate confusion between the two package formats. The updated package manager still supports the older package format.

Mac OS
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Detail txz file extension information:
File Type: txz
File Format: XZ Compressed Tar Archive
Primary Association: Archive Files