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format file wbk

What is a wbk file and how do I open a wbk file?

Files with the WBK extension are documents used by Microsoft Word to create backup copies of files in the DOC format. Word documents saved with the WBK extension are also known as word backup files, and Microsoft Corporation integrated an optional automated feature into Microsoft Word for this word processing program to create backup copies of currently open documents while the user is working on those documents. A user can enable the "Always create backup copy" feature to prevent data loss in case of instances where the computer suddenly shuts down due to system failure, crashes and power blackouts. Microsoft Word can use these WBK files to try and restore the documents in case this happens. The content of a file in the .wbk document can be viewed using Microsoft Word, and there is also a version of Microsoft Word available for Mac users, which is Microsoft Word 2011. Keep in mind that Microsoft Word may use an ASD file, which is stored in the Auto Save Document format, instead of a WBK file, and these ASD files have similar functions as files in the .wbk format, in terms of the recovery functionalities it can provide Microsoft Word users.

Mac OS
Recommended wbk file download:
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Word 2011
Detail wbk file extension information:
File Type: wbk
File Format: Word Document Backup
Primary Association: Backup Files