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format file sbr

What is a sbr file and how do I open a sbr file?

Source browse files by Microsoft Visual Studio, a Microsoft integrated development environment program and a program creating C or C++ programs. The source files of a particular project are where these SBR files are extracted from, by which they contain intermediate information. BSC files are generated with the use of these files wherein these generated files are useful when it comes to browsing application symbols. When a user creates a program using Microsoft Visual Studio, a source code is created along with it and all the information contained in the program created are SBR files. The information is a code reference that makes Visual Studio capable of accessing source codes. As soon as the program created is completed, this is automatically saved using the SBR format and when these are added together, they form a single and large BSC file. Users can delete SBR files and in case a user tries to access the source code in the future, a different SBR file is produced.

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Detail sbr file extension information:
File Type: sbr
File Format: Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
Primary Association: Development Files