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format file r

What is a r file and how do I open a r file?

Files with the .r file extension are mainly known as Rez Source Code Files. The file extension was developed by Apple and categorized as developer files. These R files are the text file format that can be created by WinRez LT Studio. This software is used as a resource compiler for all its applications. R files usually contain application resource declarations, and these contain pieces of data like icons, string lists, alerts and other resource types. These files are also useful to build the resources into the application file resource fork. The declaration type and the resource definitions that are needed for the compilation of resources must be contained in R files and using WinRez LT Studio, the compiled files can be decompiled back into the original R file state. Apple Xcode is a popular and powerful tool that opens R files. This tool is greatly used for the creation of Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps. It is a MAC OS tool so it can only run on MAC OS, and a compiler called Rez is already included in this tool.

Mac OS
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Detail r file extension information:
File Type: r
File Format: Rez Source Code File
Primary Association: Development Files