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format file pb

What is a pb file and how do I open a pb file?

The PB file extension is a data file format associated to Corel WordPerfect software. PB files and WordPerfect were developed by Corel Corporation. These files contain search and index information for referencing WordPerfect documents and are used for fast lookups or backups of documents. The software is a word processing tool similar to Microsoft Word. It is used to create documents but unlike MS Word, it is only available through WordPerfect Office. The latest edition is WordPerfect Office X6 software comes in four different packages namely Standard, Professional, Home& Student and the Legal version. Key features include multi-document and monitor support, new macros, Windows 8 preview support, and an eBook publisher. From the Windows directory, a user may find two examples of {PB file such as pfpjobpr.{pb and pfpjobcm.{pb files. Files in {PB file format were used by old versions of WordPerfect. New versions of Corel WordPerfect save files with WPD file extension.

Recommended pb file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Detail pb file extension information:
File Type: pb
File Format: PureBasic Source File
Primary Association: Development Files