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format file mss

What is a mss file and how do I open a mss file?

The MSS file extension is a developer file known as the Microprocessor Software Specification File which was created by the Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS). It is used to create software for microprocessors. The microprocessor performs the commands and functions of the computer. It is always integrated into a single chip which is installed onto the motherboard of the computer making it dependent on the software. The software file allows to customize libraries and identifies the input and output devices. It also includes program compilation and manages handler routines. It is used as input into the Library Generator, which creates a software library for an embedded processor instance. The Library Generation Tool configures libraries, device drivers, file systems, and interrupt handlers for the embedded processor system to create a software platform. MSS files define the software that can be used with a microchip created by XPS. Files in MSS format can be opened with Xilinx Platform Studio in Windows platforms.

Recommended mss file download:
Xilinx Platform Studio
Detail mss file extension information:
File Type: mss
File Format: Microprocessor Software Specification File
Primary Association: Development Files