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format file mbf

What is a mbf file and how do I open a mbf file?

The backup files that are created using the Microsoft Money program are known as MBF files. The files are developed by Microsoft wherein these files contain a .MNY file backup whether they are compressed or uncompressed. MNY files are used to compress and backup large MNY files and save them into a single archive. MNY backups play a big part in keeping MNY files safe in case the computer is corrupted as well as in case users need to transfer MNY files to another computer wherein users may need to transfer them to a disc first. The Microsoft Money software can convert MNY files to .qif files. Microsoft Money is also used to open MNY files. This is an application useful for the management of personal finances and for helping users improve financial pictures with lesser effort. However, this software is already a discontinued product wherein its sales and support are no longer available at present.

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Microsoft Money
Detail mbf file extension information:
File Type: mbf
File Format: Microsoft Money Backup File
Primary Association: Backup Files