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format file framework

What is a framework file and how do I open a framework file?

A Mac OS X application framework file is used by particular applications developed for the Mac OS X system, and these Mac programs with associated features may be required to reference relevant data stored in certain Mac OS X application framework files. These files are classified as developer files and are integrated with encoding and compilation specifications proprietary to Apple. A Mac OS X application framework file is saved in the FRAMEWORK format and is affixed with the .framework extension. These FRAMEWORK files are archives of files, reference data and even other archives, which may include libraries or modules, directory locations and details of different files used by Mac OS X applications among other metadata info. Supporting programs may also be included in the data stored in these FRAMEWORK files. Clicking on the "Show Package Contents" menu item that appears after right-clicking on a certain FRAMEWORK file of a Mac OS X software will prompt the system to display the data stored in the FRAMEWORK archive file.

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Opens as folder in Mac OS X
Detail framework file extension information:
File Type: framework
File Format: Mac OS X Application Framework
Primary Association: Development Files