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format file dfm

What is a dfm file and how do I open a dfm file?

The data of most developer files consists of compiled code required by other application files to run a larger application, and a Delphi form file is a specific example of these developer files. These developer files are saved in the DFM format and are affixed with the .dfm extension. Embarcadero Technologies developed the DFM file format to store properties, attributes, settings and other objects implemented into Borland Delphi forms that are included in a Borland Delphi EXE application. The Embarcadero Delphi software can be installed by users of Microsoft Windows-based systems to create, open and edit the content of these DFM files, which can also be encoded in plain text or binary format. A Borland Delphi EXE application running on Microsoft Windows needs to reference the data stored in these DFM files to load required elements unto the EXE application. This happens when a user accesses the Borland Delphi forms included in the EXE software, so the main application can display and provide the information and functionalities requested by the user from the EXE software.

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Embarcadero Delphi
Detail dfm file extension information:
File Type: dfm
File Format: Delphi Form
Primary Association: Development Files