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format file bf2

What is a bf2 file and how do I open a bf2 file?

A Bidfax 2000 Java SE integration file is classified as a developer file that is used by the Bidfax 2000 software to integrate the Java SE platform into its runtime environment and into the set of functionalities integrated into this application for providing users with contact and auction bidding management features. The Bidfax 2000 software is designed for the construction industry, primarily for soliciting bids on auctioned materials, projects and properties, and these notifications and alerts are sent via email to people and organizations included in the contact list of a Bidfax 2000 user. These Bidfax 2000 Java SE integration files are integrated with source code ccompilation specifications and implemented with data encoding standards taht enable its content to be stored in the BF2 file format. These Bidfax 2000 Java SE integration files are appended with the .bf2 extension. Other applications use the BF2 file format, though for other purposes.

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Detail bf2 file extension information:
File Type: bf2
File Format: Bidfax 2000 Java SE Platform Integration File
Primary Association: Development Files