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format file bc

What is a bc file and how do I open a bc file?

P2P or Peer to Peer applications make use of different proprietary or open source file formats for storing the content of a file being downloaded using the application and saved as partially downloaded files of the software. The BitComet P2P software uses files appended with the .bz extension as partially downloaded files. These BC files may be file downloads momentarily paused or stopped by the user. Partially downloaded files in the BC format will not properly work when opened using a standard application for opening files in the format of the downloads, because these partially downloaded files must first be completed, and upon completion, BitComet will change the extension of these files into the format of the downloaded content. The BitComet file sharing application can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based systems to implement support into the OS for these BC files, and users can start downloading files shared on the Internet as BitComet torrents, which are saved in the standard TORRENT format supported by many P2P and file sharing applications.

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Detail bc file extension information:
File Type: bc
File Format: BitComet Partially Downloaded File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files