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format file xfd

What is a xfd file and how do I open a xfd file?

These files are known as Extensible Forms Description Language files and when used in this format, they contain the layout, the inline expressions, the transaction details, etc. of a business form. They help lot in addressing the needs of various business transactions in terms of audit, security, etc. Users can open these .xfd files with IBM PureEdge Viewer, as well as IBM Lotus Forms Viewer.

Mac OS
Recommended xfd file download:
IBM Lotus Forms Viewer
IBM PureEdge Viewer
IBM PureEdge Viewer
Detail xfd file extension information:
File Type: xfd
File Format: XFD File
Primary Association: Adobe Files
Mime Type: application/uwi_form, application/vnd.ufdl, application/vnd.xfdl, application/x-xfdl
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