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format file act

What is an act file and how do I open an act file?

ACT is Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation compressed audio file or compressed through ADPCM format. It is widely found and used on Chinese made MP3 and MP4 players. The quality produced in using this type of format is not that appealing and can be described as of low quality. Though the sound feature when recorded is audible, still a higher format is recommended when files of increased quality are used. ACT formats that have been released and used in previous years are not anymore compatible to the present audio players being used. This is due to its outdated formats that was used and no longer preferred due to other formats that are of much better quality. Various versions of ACT have already been introduced and using older versions would require a converter. The converter to be used is available under MP3 player utilities and very handy when converting these types of old formats.

Recommended act file download:
Logipole Konvertor
Detail act file extension information:
File Type: act
File Format: ADPCM Compressed Audio File
Primary Association: Adobe Files
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