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format file wcd

What is a wcd file and how do I open a wcd file?

Files with the .wcd extension are used by a variety of applications. One, it works as a calendar file created by Microsoft Works calendar, wherein this program is used in personal schedule management. These calendar files contain dates, as well as other events and appointments saved using the software. They usually come with the filename Mswkscal.wcd. Another application that uses this file extension is Wordperfect developed by Corel. This word processor uses these .wcd files containing a list of macro token. Another Corel program using the file extension is Wordperfect Office, wherein it is also a word processor but it generally means various programs such as word processors, spreadsheets, etc. WaterCAD by Bentley Systems also use the .wcd extension wherein this software is used in water modeling. Files created using this software are called .wcd files and they usually contain the water distribution models. The file extension is also associated with the application called Condes by Finn Aridsen.

Recommended wcd file download:
Microsoft Works
Detail wcd file extension information:
File Type: wcd
File Format: Works Calendar File
Primary Association: Data Files