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format file bvp

What is a bvp file and how do I open a bvp file?

Files appended with the BVP extension are project output files which can be created using the BlueVoda software. This application can also be used to open and edit the content of these .bvp files. The BlueVoda software is a program developed by VodaHost for the generation and publication of Web content. The content of these BVP project output files consists of the HTML details among other coding sequences (like CSS) entered by the author of the BlueVoda project. These .bvp files may also contain data that is used by the BlueVoda application as reference details necessary for locating image files among others that were entered by the author to the associated BVP project output file. Visual structures developed by the BVP author for the BlueVoda project are also stored in the associated BVP file. The BlueVoda software can be installed in supported Microsoft Windows-based systems, so users can start creating, opening and editing the content of these BVP files. The BlueVoda software offers a bundled FTP application called BlueFTP, and a VodaHost Web hosting account is required to use this FTP program for easily publishing BlueVoda Web content projects stored in these BVP files.

Recommended bvp file download:
VodaHost BlueVoda
Detail bvp file extension information:
File Type: bvp
File Format: VodaHost BlueVoda Project File
Primary Association: Data Files