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format file vtx

What is a vtx file and how do I open a vtx file?

The .vtx extension is implemented by the Microsoft Visio software, a program that enables the creation of diagrams. The .vtx files in this application refer to templates that are necessary and helpful for the creation of new drawings and charts using Visio. These files can be opened with Microsoft Visio 2010. Older versions may also be implemented with support for opening and viewing the content of these VTX files, and may also allow users to modify the content of these .vtx files and share it with other users. This software is embedded with support for widely used versions of Microsoft Windows, and this means Windows users can start implementing compatibility support into their systems for these VTX files by installing this program.

Mac OS
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Detail vtx file extension information:
File Type: vtx
File Format: Visio Template XML File
Primary Association: Data Files