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format file tol

What is a tol file and how do I open a tol file?

An AOL tool file is used by certain applications deployed by America Online (AOL) for providing users with their services and programs. The content of these AOL tool files may include source code required by some programs integrated into larger AOL Web applications. Data needed by other AOL Web applets may also be stored in these AOL tool files, and these pieces of data are required to be referenced by these programs in order to provide users with the set of integrated features available in the associated AOL Web apps. These AOL tool files are implemented with data compilation specifications proprietary to AOL for their applets and full featured programs. These AOL tool files are also integrated with custom encoding standards used by AOL to store these AOL tool files in the TOL file format. These AOL tool files are affixed with the .tol extension, and AOL does not recommend users to open and edit the content stored in these AOL tool files. This is because AOL applets and programs may encounter errors or bugs when a user accesses a certain set of features available in the program that corresponds to the content of the TOL file that has been modified by the user.

Mac OS
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Detail tol file extension information:
File Type: tol
File Format: AOL Tool File
Primary Association: Data Files