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format file to4

What is a to4 file and how do I open a to4 file?

The TO4 file extension was developed by Tobias Svensson and this was used to refer to the compressed data files saved using the Top 4 compression software. This is why TO4 files are also known as TO4 compressed data files. These files are categorized as data files and they mainly contain the files, whether they are documents, images, databases, text, etc. as long as they are compressed using Top 4. TO4 files contain all saved files compressed in one archive and they are used to allow users to backup their files to a disk or archive their files so that they can be sent through email in one package. These files can also be split into several smaller files. TO4 files can be opened using Top 4 compression software. This software is a reliable tool used to compress several files into one single and large archive. This compression software is old compression software but it is the main application associated with the TO4 files.

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Detail to4 file extension information:
File Type: to4
File Format: Top 4 Compressed Data File
Primary Association: Data Files