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format file tb

What is a tb file and how do I open a tb file?

This is a configuration file used by the Tabbery software (recently renamed Slideband), used for creating Portable Virtual Desktop Work Environments. This is revolutionary Windows based software in which a virtual tab is launched on the users desktop. The file itself contains the name of each window, screen coordinates, size plus bitmap based thumbnails used for previewing the file contents. This file format can also be used for the storage of word documents, spreadsheets, videos and audio. This project has since been discontinued and support is no longer being offered for it. You can however still download and use it. This file extension is also used by Rhino 3D, a commercial stand-alone modeling software program used for editing, analyzing and translating NURBS curves, surfaces and solids.

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Detail tb file extension information:
File Type: tb
File Format: Tabbery Tab File
Primary Association: Data Files