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format file t07

What is a t07 file and how do I open a t07 file?

In 2007, the U.S. federal and state government used the TaxCut 2007 software to generate forms for income tax returns and asked US tax payers to populate the fields incorporated into the forms with the required tax amounts, so they can create tax return files that can be easily added to tax records. This software is a newer version of the previously released application, but with almost the same features. This software was developed by HRB Digital LLC (H&R Block) in 2007 and is available in DVD installers as well as via downloadable distributions. All files that have been created with the use of this software are affixed with the .T07 extension, and these files are also known as 2007 tax return files and are more commonly identified as t07 documents. These files can be opened in both Mac platforms and Microsoft Windows-based systems, although Linux has yet to be supported by this software. These files are categorized as data files and have a proprietary file format. TaxCut returns can be opened using the version of the software that corresponds to the version of the tax document. TaxCut was renamed to H&R Block At Home in 2009. The benefits of using the TaxCut software include the ability of users to back up their files via a remote computer with an Internet connection and implement data protection unto their tax documents. Turbo Tax is an application that is similar to TaxCut, and this program also implements this file format for its utility and integrated operations.

Mac OS
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H&R Block TaxCut 2007
H&R Block TaxCut 2007
Detail t07 file extension information:
File Type: t07
File Format: TaxCut 2007 Tax Return
Primary Association: Data Files