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What is a t06 file and how do I open a t06 file?

The US federal and state government used the TaxCut 2006 software to prepare income tax forms for the year 2006, in which data fields included in the tax forms were required to be filled out with the correct tax amounts by each individual tax payer, and this was done in order to create tax return files that can be conveniently added to easily manageable tax records. Files that have been generated through the integrated functionalities of this software are appended with the .T06 extension. These files are also called tax return files, though most users refer to these files as t06 documents. The data stored in TaxCut returns can be viewed using the particular version of the software that was used to generate the Taxcut documents. H&R Block E-solutions is the developer of this software. In 2009, TaxCut started carrying the brand name H&R Block At Home, instead of TaxCut. These .T06 files can be created, viewed and modified in Microsoft Windows systems and Mac environments. However, this software has yet to be implemented with support for Linux and UNIX distributions. These files are generally classified as data files. TaxTron 2006 and version 2006 of TaxWiz also implement this file format into its runtime operations. There are many advantages of using the TaxCut software. Users are provided with a set of integrated features that can be used to remotely back up their files using the Internet, while data protection measures can be implemented into the documents generated for them by this application.

Mac OS
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H&R Block TaxCut 2006
H&R Block TaxCut 2006
Detail t06 file extension information:
File Type: t06
File Format: TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
Primary Association: Data Files