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format file svw

What is a svw file and how do I open a svw file?

The SpecView software can be used to create and open or view the content of these SpecView Files, which are integrated with encoding specifications implemented for the storage of analytical and scientific biochemical data. These SpecView Files are also implemented with biochemical data compilation standards used for the SVW file format, which means these SpecView Files are stored in the SWV file format using the SpecView application and are affixed with the .svw extension. Ohio State University developed the SVW file format and the SpecView program as an application integrated with a set of features for the simulation of biochemical processes in molecular spectra. Molecular spectra structures, certain parameters and constants are some of the pieces of data that can be stored in these SpecView Files by a SpecView user. Visualized versions of the biochemical and molecular spectra information and details can also be stored in these SpecView Files.

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Detail svw file extension information:
File Type: svw
File Format: SpecView File
Primary Association: Data Files