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format file soundpack

What is a soundpack file and how do I open a soundpack file?

The SOUNDPACK file extension contains a huge collection of sounds used by SoundPackager program which customizes sounds in Windows operating systems. Developed by Stardock, the program is used to create, load and apply the collection of sounds through ‘Packages’ screen. The Stardock SounsPackager program under Windows OS can open SOUNDPACK files. The program due to work under Windows desktop is commonly known as customization program for Windows and is considered a part of ObjectDesktop Ultimate Suite. The sounds can be applied on different numerous actions in Windows desktop. SoundPackager enables user assigning sounds to more than thirty Windows events and saving sound settings in one package only.

Recommended soundpack file download:
Stardock SoundPackager
Detail soundpack file extension information:
File Type: soundpack
File Format: SoundPackager Sound Package
Primary Association: Data Files