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format file sit

What is a sit file and how do I open a sit file?

File extension that stands for Stuff I T. and is attached to the compressed files created by the Smith Micro StuffIt software. Originally, SIT files can only be run using the MAC OS, but now, even Windows can run these files as well. SIT files contain archives from the Stuffit Expander which contain several files that Stuffit created. Stuffit is a tool useful for the creation of email attachments and downloads as well as its access, the protection of information, as well as file transfers which is why it makes use of the SIT file format. Stuffit can compress files into an archive securely because of SIT files since these files are capable of encrypting vital data securely. SIT file format is not easily infected by viruses which is why it is an ideal format when it comes to technology enhancement, formatting images as well as transmitting them to other computers.

Mac OS
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Detail sit file extension information:
File Type: sit
File Format: StuffIt Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files
Mime Type: application/stuffit, application/x-sit, application/x-stuffit