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format file lqr

What is a lqr file and how do I open a lqr file?

Compressed files contain one or more files that have been reduced in terms of file size for easier and quicker distribution via the Internet or through portable media like optical disks such as DVDs and CDs among other external data storage devices. An SQ compressed LBR archive file is generally classified as a compressed file, which means a file or files stored in this format may be integrated with compression specifications implemented by a certain compression algorithm. In particular, an SQ compressed LBR archive file is integrated with compression standards used by the SQ file compression and decompression tool, and these SQ compressed LBR archive files are also implemented with encoding specifications used for the LQR file format. Files in the LQR format are affixed with the .lqr extension and are used by the LU program for its archive of files. The LQR extension has been replaced by more widely used compression standards and encoding specificaitons, including the RAR and ZIP format among others.

Recommended lqr file download:
SQ (DOS/Windows)
Detail lqr file extension information:
File Type: lqr
File Format: SQ Compressed LBR Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files