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format file sbw

What is a sbw file and how do I open a sbw file?

The SBW file extension was created to price and manage US savings bonds and is directly associated with Savings Bonds Wizard software. The US treasury, using a Web browser can display an online Savings Bond calculator. The information generated can easily be downloaded in an .HTM format and once downloaded, the user can import it into an existing SBW file or from .CSV files. The US treasury consistently releases updates so that the Savings Bond Wizard remains up-to-date as the user installs updated values. This software consists of a collection of financial accountings that involve projected value, serial number, interest, yield, denomination and purchase date. It is also commonly used to help calculate and track personal investments. The purpose of an SBW file extension is to act as a marker that allows the software to first find then use the data. The SBW file extension and Savings Bond Wizard can only run on computers are operating on Windows 95 or later.

Recommended sbw file download:
US Treasury Savings Bond Wizard
Detail sbw file extension information:
File Type: sbw
File Format: US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File
Primary Association: Data Files