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format file reference

What is a reference file and how do I open a reference file?

The Budget In Brief Reference File is stored in the REFERENCE format and is affixed with the REFERENCE extension, and is used by Budget In Brief program. These REFERENCE files are generally classified as data files that contain a list of references that can be imported into a Budget In Brief .BOOK file. The Budget In Brief application offers integration of budget analysts to enterprise solution to create budget data. It produces financial information, reports, exhibits, and media compiled in a single Budget "book." The Budget book defines the structure of the Budget books encoded in XML like format and uses any simple text editing software or XML modifying tools. Therefore any changes made in the values of REFERENCE files would mean changes in the data output in BOOK files. The Budget In Brief and Microsoft Notepad software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and read REFERENCE files.

Recommended reference file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Budget In Brief
Detail reference file extension information:
File Type: reference
File Format: Budget In Brief Reference File
Primary Association: Data Files