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format file rcx

What is a rcx file and how do I open a rcx file?

The REDCINE-X Project File is stored in the RCX format and is affixed with the RCX extension, and is used by the REDCINE-X program. These RCX files are generally classified as data files that contain video clip references and video editing decisions used for high definition video projects. The REDCINE X is a program used for editing videos captured with RED digital cameras. RED digital camera utilizes S35mm image plane, 2K to 4.5K resolutions, with interchangeable lens mounts and free firmware updates. When a current REDCINE X project is open, the user is prompted to assign and save the current project first before opening a new project. The Bin or Browser Drawer function is in charge of adding and removing clips from the Bin which edits video clips. The REDCINE X software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems and Mac operating systems to access and run RCX files.

Mac OS
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Detail rcx file extension information:
File Type: rcx
File Format: REDCINE-X Project File
Primary Association: Data Files