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format file qph

What is a qph file and how do I open a qph file?

The Quicken Price History File is stored in the QPH format and is affixed with the QPH extension, and is used by the Quicken software. These QPH files are generally classified as data files that contain records of list of prices over time that are downloaded or manually entered for investments in a Quicken account. They are used for providing historical prices of stock prices and other securities. They are located in the Quicken program folder and were saved separately from the QDF file in the Quicken software versions before 2010. These files are prone to corruption which eventually leads to rebuilding them. For Quicken 2011 & newer version, rebuilding QPH files is done by selecting the “Delete Investing Price History” first and then clicking on the “update” button from the “Investing tab”. It is highly recommended to select “five years” from the drop-down list of Historical Prices menu.

Mac OS
Recommended qph file download:
Intuit Quicken 2013
Intuit Quicken Essentials for Mac
Detail qph file extension information:
File Type: qph
File Format: Quicken Price History File
Primary Association: Data Files