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format file q3d

What is a q3d file and how do I open a q3d file?

The Quest3D Project File is stored in the Q3D format and is affixed with Q3D file extension and is used by Quest 3D. These Q3D files are generally classified as data files that contain all 3D project-related files like CGR files in a single archive. These project files can be published as standalone executable file, web page, Quest 3D Viewer and Installer. A standalone executable file contains all needed files that will unpack and run the project. As for Web page publishing, it requires index.html and createControl.js JavaScript file that allows the 3D program to load in a Web player. With the Quest 3D Viewer, the publisher creates the file to a target directory different from the project directory for CGR files protection. For Installer, it creates a setup program that will create the project on a target machine. The Act-3D Quest3D Viewer software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and view Q3D files.

Recommended q3d file download:
Act-3D Quest3D Viewer
Detail q3d file extension information:
File Type: q3d
File Format: Quest3D Project File
Primary Association: Data Files