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format file ptz

What is a ptz file and how do I open a ptz file?

The PTZ file extension is used to specify data files created by West’s LiveNote and Case Notebook, programs that were developed to aid in storing and indexing legal documents and other digitals artifacts. LiveNote is one of the fortunate applications that are recognized by the legal industry in evidence management. Its transcript management software is used by majority of law firms in the U. S. Case Notebook, one of LiveNote’s expansions, is a centralized, digital case file wherein any research or progress made by WestLaw will be automatically filed into a case file within Case Notebook. After going into LiveNote’s database, lawyers and their team may gain access to the information. The program features tools that may be used for obtaining documents, investigating facts through the Key Facts tool, annotation tools to stick your own notes, assembling outlines and many more. PTZ files are E-transcript files which contains text and multimedia objects in a bundle, including depositions, exhibits, legal transcripts and courtroom videos.

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Detail ptz file extension information:
File Type: ptz
File Format: E-Transcript Bundle File
Primary Association: Data Files