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format file ppr

What is a ppr file and how do I open a ppr file?

Files in the PPR format are data files created by SmartWorks Project Planner, a software used to generate project plans. Project Planner basically makes use of file import and export features for simpler and more efficient project planning. It has its own set of internal file formats and other project planning features like its Global Risk Database which can identify specific project risks, individual logging in of participants to the plan, email notifications to the project manager and other leaders and many more. It also has a graph and chart manager wherein you may have a cost graph for effective project cost management, a separate project graph for easy analyzing of progress, and others. PPR files include resources, critical paths, tasks and time lines. The authoring software for PPR files, the Project Planner, may be used to open and edit such file. For simply viewing the data file, Accord SmartWorks Project Planner Reader may be used.

Recommended ppr file download:
Accord SmartWorks Project Planner Reader
Accord SmartWorks Project Planner
Detail ppr file extension information:
File Type: ppr
File Format: Project Planner Reader File
Primary Association: Data Files