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format file pd5

What is a pd5 file and how do I open a pd5 file?

The .pd5 file extension is a little similar with the .pd4 file extension because they are both referring to database files created by Windows Live Photo Gallery; software for managing movies and home photos. They are both describing the videos and images created and saved in that software. The metadata can either be file names, image resolution, properties, etc. as long as they describe what the image or video is all about. This file extension can track personal media file information. The Windows Live Photo Gallery application can be used to open .pd5 files. This software is known to be capable of searching, tagging and managing photos and it is often used to share photos and videos online such as on sites like Flicker. Like the .pd4 file extension, the .pd5 file extension can also be renamed to OLD_Pictures.pd5 if the original .pd5 file is corrupted. In this case, a new Pictures.pd5 file will be created by the Windows Live Photo Gallery automatically.

Recommended pd5 file download:
Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery
Detail pd5 file extension information:
File Type: pd5
File Format: Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
Primary Association: Data Files