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format file pab

What is a pab file and how do I open a pab file?

The .pab file extension is used for files created by Microsoft e-mail programs. Files with the .pab extension are called address book files since they are used by these e-mail programs that allow the sending and receiving mails from various senders and to various recipients. These files are called address book files because the information they contain are personal information about the user’s contacts and that includes the e-mail addresses, the names and other contact information of these contacts by which all the information are saved separately from the e-mails users send and receive. They are more of address book files that you create and store for e-mail purposes and not the contact information that came along with the e-mail. The most common e-mail programs using this file extension is Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express and they are both programs of the Microsoft Office. Both of these Microsoft office programs can also be used to open these .pab files.

Mac OS
Recommended pab file download:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook 2011
Detail pab file extension information:
File Type: pab
File Format: Personal Address Book
Primary Association: Data Files