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format file nrl

What is a nrl file and how do I open a nrl file?

The NRL file extension is known as Autonomy Interwoven Link File which was developed by Autonomy Interwoven. It is a file format associated with Interwoven content management system (CMS) solutions, which organize company-wide digital resources and help to manage work flow. It is a link to a document, similar to a hyperlink, within one of the Interwoven application components like Interwoven WorkSite, DeskSite or FileSite. It contains a link reference to a resource within the CMS and it is saved in text format with a library name, document, and version number. It is a metadata file that contains the name of the Interwoven server, the document id, version of the document and others. It can only be opened within the Interwoven environment. Interwoven products like Desksite or Filesite creates NRL file in the desktop Autonomy Interwoven was formerly known as iManage. Files in NRL format can be opened with Interwoven Document Management System in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended nrl file download:
Autonomy Interwoven WorkSite
Autonomy Interwoven DeskSite
Autonomy Interwoven FileSite
Detail nrl file extension information:
File Type: nrl
File Format: Autonomy Interwoven Link File
Primary Association: Data Files